Monday, May 25, 2009

Progress 25/5/09

Just to let you know that I have edited the first seven chunks. They have all been of the highest quality. Most of the changes have been cosmetic, for example adding semi-colons. Other changes have been done to get the book into a consistent style. I estimate that I have only deleted or modified about 3-4% of your texts so far. this is amazing!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have edited the first three chunks. I plan to do two more tomorrow. I suspect that my rate will be about five chunks a week until the summer when it should accelerate: I stay with my mum-in-law in an area of France which is, without a doubt, the most ill-served in terms of the attractions that I enjoy. So, apart from a two day wine buying trip to the Loire, I shall probably be up to 15 a week for a fortnight. Incidentally, if you are ever in Fontrevaud, just off the Loire, I recommend the Hotel Abbaye Royale in Fontrevaud; its cheap for what you get and having breakfast in the cloisters of an old nunnery is quite something. Advanced booking recommended. Also La Licorne is a stellar restaurant in Fontrevaud.

So far the chunks I have edited have been fantastic. I calculate that in editing them I have only changed about 2-3% of the text which is amazing. When I have done I will put them on an ftp server.

Update June 15

The arrangements for June 15 are now almost there. I will do a brief fifteen minute introduction. Ira will talk for two hours about Processing and his journey from artist to computer programmer and four of you have bravely volunteered to give short 20 minute talks. I still have about five chunks of £50 pounds for expenses if anyone wants to join us on the 15th. As a minimum we hope to video the sessions. We are, however, hoping to webcast the four hours. Watch this space over the next few weeks; a webcast would also involve recording the four hours and putting it on a web site for download.

Friday, May 8, 2009

In June Meet Ira Greenberg

Ira Greenberg will be visiting the department in either June or early July. he will be giving a talk about Processing and I will be giving a talk about this project. There may be some money around to pay travel expenses for some of you. I will know in a few days. Unfortunately, the talks will be on a weeekday so I am assuming most of you will be at work. However, watch this space if you want to come. It will be first come, first served for travel funds.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My role from Sunday

Thanks to all of you who have submitted chunks so far. My part in the project starts on Sunday when I will start editing the first ten chunks. I intend putting the book up on a web site after each of the ten chunks has been completed. I will send you the URL in due course.

I would estimate that editing the book and writing the small number of chunks that remain will take me up to the end of Aug. I will then get a version of the book printed using Lulu or some other company and will send you each a copy. I will, then try and interest a publisher such as OReilly in publishing it formally.

I also intend developing an e-learning course based on your material which will be put on the OU Open Learn site.

So, watch this space. If you are interested in doing a second chunk please let me know.