Saturday, May 16, 2009


I have edited the first three chunks. I plan to do two more tomorrow. I suspect that my rate will be about five chunks a week until the summer when it should accelerate: I stay with my mum-in-law in an area of France which is, without a doubt, the most ill-served in terms of the attractions that I enjoy. So, apart from a two day wine buying trip to the Loire, I shall probably be up to 15 a week for a fortnight. Incidentally, if you are ever in Fontrevaud, just off the Loire, I recommend the Hotel Abbaye Royale in Fontrevaud; its cheap for what you get and having breakfast in the cloisters of an old nunnery is quite something. Advanced booking recommended. Also La Licorne is a stellar restaurant in Fontrevaud.

So far the chunks I have edited have been fantastic. I calculate that in editing them I have only changed about 2-3% of the text which is amazing. When I have done I will put them on an ftp server.

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